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Score one for Aubrey Huff, prognosticator. Huff, who faced former teammate Daniel Cabrera for the first time on Friday, has often predicted how the confrontation would go. He’s told many people, Cabrera included, that he planned to walk and then steal on the first pitch.

And then Huff, no noted speed demon, did exactly that. The reigning Silver Slugger Award-winner drew a first-inning walk on Cabrera and then slid in easily feet-first to second base. Cabrera went on to walk the next batter, looking as rattled as he ever did in Baltimore.

“It was funny, cause I always told Cabby every night on the plane, ‘If I ever face you, I’m going to stand there, walk and steal on the first pitch,’ ” said Huff. “If I walked, there was no doubt in my mind I was going to steal whether I’d be safe or out. A good throw would’ve killed me.”

Cabrera wound up escaping the jam with a strikeout and a diving play by left fielder Roger Bernadina. Bernadina made another highlight reel caliber play in the second, and Cabrera wound up stranding four runners in scoring position before exiting the game.