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Turn the other glove

The Orioles and Rangers engaged in a bout of ***-for-tat on Friday night, when both objected to a light colored glove on an opposing pitcher’s hand. Texas starter Scott Feldman was forced to change his glove for something darker before the bottom of the second started, and Baltimore reliever Cla Meredith was subjected to the same treatment in the seventh.

Meredith, incidentally, said it was the same glove he’s worn all season, but Baltimore manager Dave Trembley said that second-base umpire Joe West got the call right.

“It’s a white glove. You can’t do that,” said Trembley. “We’ve got the right guy here to make sure that’s enforced. Country Joe is going to make sure that’s taken care of. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. We had to do it with Feldman, so then they had to do it with Cla, and he’s absolutely right. That’s the rule and those guys were told in spring training not to do that. He was absolutely right to enforce that.”