Orioles may be cooling on Millwood

There are multiple teams embroiled in the Kevin Millwood sweepstakes with the Rangers, but the Orioles appear to have faded from a favorite to just another contender. The two teams have exchanged names of pitching prospects that could be sent from Baltimore to Texas, but there appears to be a cavernous gulf between what the Rangers want and what they can get.

This much is certain: The Rangers and Orioles match up well in terms of money. Texas is trying to shed some salary and Baltimore has plenty of room in the budget as well as a pressing need for starting pitching. The Rangers reportedly asked the Orioles for Chris Tillman, while Baltimore would prefer to trade David Hernandez or Brandon Erbe.

Now, the two teams will either try to find a middle ground or move on to other pursuits.

— Spencer Fordin

One comment

  1. sbauer318

    They can’t be serious. One year of Millwood on a non-contending team for Tillman? I hope they were just throwing stuff out there to see what sticks. I wouldn’t even offer Hernandez for Millwod, and certainly not Erbe.

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