Trembley plays it quiet on coaches

Baltimore manager Dave Trembley just learned that he’ll be coming back next year, and now he wants some time to decide on his coaching staff. Trembley parried several questions about his coaches Saturday, saying only that he wants time to make a decision.

“I’m going to allow myself to go home on Monday afternoon,” said Trembley of the season’s endgame. “And I’m going to allow myself an opportunity to unpack and put some closure on this season, to think about what may be areas that could be improved and what I can do to make it better. Then I’m going to talk to [executive Andy MacPhail] about it and I’m going to call each and every coach individually and tell them what their status will be for next year.”

Trembley said he has already spoken to MacPhail, the team’s president of baseball operations, about his coaching staff. And to illustrate his point, Trembley told an anecdote about a recent organizational meeting and a conversation he had with MacPhail.

“We had a meeting in Tampa with all the coaching staff and Andy MacPhail and other front office personnel,” said Trembley setting the stage for his comment. “That night in Tampa, Andy said, ‘What do you think? I thought the meeting went really well.’ I said, ‘Well, I’m going to tell you something about the coaches that you have here: They have passion. Everybody has passion about the players, especially the guys they work with in their areas.’ “

— Spencer Fordin


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