The Orioles registered their second sellout
and their largest crowd of the season on Saturday night, when
49,834 fans came out to see Baltimore take on the Red Sox.
Baltimore’s lone previous sellout had come all the way back
in April on Opening Day.


  1. finman

    Shame most were Sox fans.

    I’m already looking at next year. I’d like us to sign Chone Figgins as Free Agent @ 3rd base, and bat him lead off. I don’t want to offend Roberts fans, (me being one) but Figgins has a higher bating average, more stolen bases, and more runs scored than any Oriole. Box Huff w/position prospects for a trade for Dunn. Now were talking about a lineup that will sell out Camden yards and will keep Sox fans in Boston. Our pitchers are coming. Let’s be ready.

  2. birdbrain

    Billy Beane believes in drafting college players because they
    get to the majors quicker. He also says that the odds of a
    good college prospect making it, are higher than a high
    school prospect. Another one of his remarks is, “Every
    year you must constantly upgrade or your toast.” I would
    say that would at least mean that the O’s need an ace and
    a big hammer. We had that in Palmeiro and Mussina. A premier pitcher would be great at stopping a losing streak
    and anchoring this young pitching staff. With the expected
    drop in payroll, you would think it could become a reality.
    Despite recent histoy, there are still players who would be
    willing to play here. Gavin Floyd was a neighbor of Texiera
    in Annapolis, and I’m pretty sure Verlander grew up either
    an Oriole or a Ripkin fan. I hope we are not rushing our
    pitchers, but if Matusz’s debut is any indication, I would
    have to agree with Billy Beane. I am more optimistic
    with Andy behind the wheel. It was the MacPhail name
    that helped put the Orioles on the map.

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