Major hurdle cleared

Fort Lauderdale is now officially the past, and Sarasota appears to be the future.

The Orioles learned Wednesday afternoon that the city of Sarasota voted 3-2 to pass an indemnification issue that stood as the last obstacle between Baltimore finding a new Spring Training home. Sarasota County still has to vote on three issues later today — including the same indemnification issue — but isn’t expected to vote against its own proposal.

So if you’re scoring at home — or alternately making plans for next year’s Spring Training — you can be safe in assuming the Orioles will call Ed Smith Stadium their new home. Baltimore reached an agreement Tuesday on a 30-year lease with Sarasota County that calls for more than $30 million in funds to be provided for the renovation of Ed Smith Stadium.




  1. bigbadbird

    All very nice but Sarasota or Manitoba will not get the orioles out of last place. This team needs a Stopper # 1 starter and a 3rd or 1stbaseman and perhaps a new manager with a different philosophy. Mr. McPhail needs to make some trades or bring up MORE PITCHING Youngsters .

  2. atworkid

    I wil miss FTL but I won’t miss that awful stadium. Not much going on in Sarasota compared to FTL or South Beach.

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