All Star in the family

Adam Jones cited an unlikely hero Sunday, moments after learning he’d been named to the American League All-Star team. Jones didn’t reference a teammate immediately, although he would cite George Sherrill and Nick Markakis a little bit later. Instead, Jones paid tribute to his biggest fan, and someone who came by their allegiance honestly.

“It’s a cool honor to get to represent the Orioles and myself,” said the first-time All-Star. “I’m pretty thrilled about it. I didn’t think I was going to go, but my Mom always said she was praying for me and kept voting for me. I guess all her hard work paid off.”


One comment

  1. orangebirds

    Spencer, you are like an idol writer to me. You are so great at blogging about the O’s. I have been an O’s fan since day one of my life and I bet you have too. My blog is Birdland Blog so please PLEASE check it out. thanks! 🙂
    ==Oriolesfan== Keep blogging

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