Montanez facing potential surgery

Baltimore’s outfield will suffer a loss due to attrition at some point next week, when reserve Lou Montanez will likely opt for a corrective surgery to repair a thumb injury. Montanez could miss a few months, changing the substitution pattern in Baltimore’s outfield.

Manager Dave Trembley said that Montanez could play as a reserve in the next few days if he’s needed, and he also said he expects Luke Scott to return at some point next week. At this point, Trembley just wants Montanez to heal as quickly as possible.

“He has a partial tear in the thumb area,” said Trembley. “He’s going to opt to get it taken care of, and he has our full support there. He’s going to get it done sometime next week.”

Montanez, who won the Triple Crown in the Double-A Eastern League last year, was called up late in the ’08 season and hit a home run in his first career at-bat. He hasn’t had as much success this season, batting just .204 with six RBIs in his first 18 games.

Baltimore will likely play rookie Nolan Reimold in left field for the foreseeable future, but Felix Pie and Scott will also get their share of playing time out in the outfield. 


  1. ripken2131

    with Reimold doing so well and Luke Scott as DH, would it make since for the O’s to trade Pie and keep Montanez?

  2. strovel

    By the time Montanez returns, Pie will have shown himself to be worth keeping around or not, if not then Montanez probably will be the 4th OF, assuming Reimold starts the rest of the year in LF.

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