Sarfate gets good news

Dennis Sarfate got the best possible news regarding his circulatory problem on Friday, when an angiogram revealed that he’s suffering from a “stretch injury” in his middle finger. Sarfate had lost feeling in that digit last week, and there was concern that either a muscle was blocking his arteries or that there was a potentially serious problem going on.

After undergoing the angiogram, though, Sarfate was told that he’ll miss a month or two. And while that might not sound ideal, it is for someone who was considering the rest of his life.

“It’s not career-threatening. It’s not life-threatening,” said manager Dave Trembley. “I would say after a month, he goes on a throwing program. So you can all look at the calendar and see when he’s going to be available. But obviously, he’s not going to be available for us for a while, but the good news is it’s not career-threatening.”

Sarfate wasn’t available for comment on Friday, but he gave a wide-ranging interview on Thursday in which he laid out his long-term concerns about the current injury.

“It’s not really a baseball thing I am worried about. I am worried about not losing a limb,” he said. “The last couple days I’ve been kind of hanging out with my daughter, taking her for walks. Baseball is a great game. I am so thankful to God that I have had the opportunity to play it. But my life and my livelihood — me taking care of my family and all that — is definitely more important. So baseball has been the last thing I have been thinking about.”


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