No language barrier

Koji Uehara has worked well with American catchers Gregg Zaun and Chad Moeller during his first six starts as an Oriole, and he demonstrated Tuesday that he won’t allow the language barrier to stop him from picking up intricacies of the game.

Uehara credited Zaun with alerting him to a tendency for shortstop Jason Bartlett, who found himself on second late in a tie game. Zaun had told Uehara that Bartlett likes to steal third before the game, and then he told him again to try a pickoff in the heat of the moment.

Bartlett, who was looking right at Uehara as the veteran began his move, got caught breaking to third and attempting to get back to second. Zaun speculated that Bartlett was intent on going because he flashed a sign for a breaking ball, and Uehara gave his catcher the credit.

“That was Zaunie’s sign,” said Uehara via interpreter Jiwon Bang. “Before the game, we talked about how that runner likes to steal third. We had that meeting and I was conscious of it.”

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