Huff hits too hard

Aubrey Huff contributed to a potential game-changing rally on Sunday, when he pegged a line drive off the Green Monster with no outs and decided to stay at first base. Huff, who moved Nick Markakis to third on the play, thought the ball was hit too hard to advance.

Baltimore ended up advancing to second on a run-scoring ground ball, but then the game ended on a fly ball to right field and a strikeout by pinch-hitter Gregg Zaun. And if he had to do it all over again, Huff said he would still have stayed put at first base.

“We had no outs. I don’t want to take a chance right there because if he does make a good throw, I’m dead meat,” said Huff. “[First-base coach John Shelby] held me up at first. I was probably not going to go anyway because I hit it so hard off the wall. Normally, those balls are singles anyway unless you really fly. And I don’t fly. In that situation, you don’t want to make the first out at second. I figured we’d take our chances there.”

One comment

  1. strovel

    A side-effect of having to carry 13 pitchers – no flexibility to be able to pinch-run, then bring in somebody to play first. I believe Huff is the only player on the active roster that played a single inning at 1b in 2008. Didn’t help that Pie had already had to come in.

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