Eaton’s Perspective

The Orioles have been waiting for Adam Eaton to step up and justify a rotation slot ever since he was signed early in Spring Training following his release by the Phillies. And after an erratic exhibition season, he’s gone just four innings in each of his first two starts.

The veteran went less than four innings in his last two starts last season and has now gone seven straight starts without a quality start. That’s part of the reason the Phillies demoted him to the Minor Leagues and ultimately released him, but Eaton sees things differently.

“Obviously, last year ended in the big leagues on a down note. When I did get sent down, I was also leading the team in quality starts,” he said. “I don’t know exactly if it’s justified, that question, but at the same time, I didn’t throw well enough to stay there. This is a new year. That’s last year, and if you guys want to talk about last year, I also won a World Series. I was part of a team. But that’s not here nor there. I’m a Baltimore Oriole now.

“That’s where our concerns lie. I like what we have here. I need to obviously step up and throw the way I’m capable of throwing. We’ll see what we do next outing.”


One comment

  1. philliegal

    Sigh… as a Phillies fan with a bit more patience, I always felt that the Phillies did screw Eaton big time with the way he was treated. It’s true – he did lead the team with quality starts before going to the minors and he only experienced four bad games before being demoted. However, he did NOT win a World Series (although he did contribute during the regular season). I was really hoping that he’d excel with the Orioles so he could give every booing Phillies fan the finger, but I can’t see him lasting with that attitude. How well could he pitch with such a tremendous chip weighing down on his shoulder? Eaton has the potential of being a good pitcher, but he needs to show a little more gratitude for the second chance he’s been given. Nobody owes him anything.

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