Looming decision

The starter who shall not be named — Adam Eaton, for the uninitiated — will probably be cleared into an active roster spot by the end of the night. Eaton, who has been training with the Orioles despite not officially being on the roster, will be activated after Saturday night’s game and will start Sunday. And at that point, the Orioles will have to decide whether they’re more comfortable with an extra reliever or an extra position player.

The players most affected by that move will be shortstop Robert Andino and relievers Brian Bass and Matt Albers. Andino is the team’s only reserve capable of backing up Cesar Izturis, while Bass and Albers give the Orioles an eighth reliever and cover for their starters going short in games. Whatever the decision is, it probably won’t be permanent.



  1. strovel

    I wonder how long of a leash Eaton will get. No doubt he has some upside, but at the same time, the O’s don’t have much invested in him so there’s no contractual commitment to keep him.

    • sfordin

      There’s no contractual commitment, but there’s no reason to dump him yet either. The Orioles want arms like Brad Bergesen and David Hernandez to progress at their own pace, so they’ll wait until either they’re ready or Eaton proves he can’t do it to switch things up.

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