Hail Cesar

The Orioles got their first look at Cesar Izturis as a defensive difference-maker on Monday, when the slick-fielding shortstop made a play that saved a run and some momentum.

The Yankees were down three runs and threatening in the seventh inning, when Derek Jeter hit a two-out grounder back up the middle. Izturis ranged toward second base and made a diving stop, and when Xavier Nady rounded too far off third, Izturis threw behind him.

The result was an easy out on a ball that could’ve gone up the middle and drawn the road team within two runs. Furthermore, it was a play the Orioles never would’ve made last season.


One comment

  1. carloluis

    I see Cesar a lot in winter ball in Venezuela and he never ceases to amaze. It just goes to show you that although baseball is a changing game some old school lessons are never obsolete. Shortstops must be evaluated for their gloves, not their bats, it’s their prevention of opposing base runners that earns their keep and adds to the team. If they have a bat to go with this then great, but I’ settle for a defensive+ shortstop with a weak bat that the reverse any time….Aparicio and Belanger were both World Series O’s Champs at Shortstop and it was because they could field and throw like the wind…..

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