Trade winds?

The Orioles and Marlins may be using the last Spring Training game at Fort Lauderdale Stadium as the backdrop for an intriguing trade. Rumors persist in and around the press box that Baltimore will deal Hayden Penn to Florida after the game for shortstop Robert Andino. Both Penn and Andino are out of options and redundant on their current teams.

Penn, who allowed six earned runs in his most recent start, was ruled out of the rotation picture and would’ve faced an uphill battle to make the club as a reliever. Andino, meanwhile, would provide some depth behind free agent acquisition Cesar Izturis. If the trade goes through, it would seem to clinch that the Orioles will begin the year with 12 pitchers.


One comment

  1. strovel

    The most hyped Orioles pitching prospect since … well … Adam Loewen …. dealt for a guy with a career minors OPS of .678? At least I’ll give Andino this, he was pretty young when he reached every level, and his plate discipline did look like it improved in a small sample of AAA at-bats last year. That said, wasn’t Penn supposed to be a front-end-of-the-rotation guy? Dealt for a utility guy/sleeper?

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