Rain games

The grounds crew at Fort Lauderdale Stadium had a rough day Sunday, thanks to a stubborn tarp and a torrential south Florida rainstorm.

The game started in a steady downpour that only increased by the bottom half of the first inning, leading the crew to run out and apply a drying agent to the pitcher’s mound. The rain just kept coming down, though, causing the managers to pull their players off the field.

And that’s when the comedy began. The grounds crew was able to get the tarp pulled over the back of the infield before they met sticky resistance. Then, for minutes on end, they engaged in a tug-of-war with themselves — and weren’t able to win.

Mets coach Sandy Alomar Jr. finally suggested that they re-roll the tarp into left field and try again, and this time, they were able to cover the infield without incident. Just 10 minutes had passed, but that was 10 mintues of driving rain on a fragile dirt surface. 



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