Great Scott

Luke Scott flexed his muscles Friday, when he went deep for two home runs against the Marlins. Scott had also hit two home runs in Baltimore’s intrasquad game on Wednesday, showing why at least one teammate considers him “man-strong.”

Scott drilled 23 home runs last season for the Orioles and appears to be in line to start as the team’s designated hitter for much of 2009. And if Baltimore manager Dave Trembley is correct, Scott is just beginning to reach the height of his streaky powers.

“He’s locked in,” said Trembley. “About a week ago, he was one of the last guys in the clubhouse and he came in and said, ‘You’ve seen me for as long as anybody, what do you think? Am I getting close?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll tell you when I know you’re locked in is when you start hitting the ball to left center and hit the ball hard to left center. That’s when I know you’re right on.’ The next day, I think, that’s when it started.

“The guy is as strong as an ox. He can let the ball get deep and like any other good hitter, it’s confidence and rhythm. Right now, he’s got both going for him.”


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