The itinerary

Koji Uehara has been meeting every day with the Japanese beat crew, but their American cohorts have decided to give him a little bit of a breather. Still, even with that respite, the starter made news Tuesday when his schedule was revealed to the media.

Uehara will throw on the side Wednesday, and then he’ll have two days off before throwing live batting practice Saturday. Then he’ll have another day off and throw live batting practice again Monday. Uehara will pitch in his first game on Friday the 27th against the Marlins.

Watching Uehara interact with his teammates has been one of the most fascinating rites of spring. The Japanese transplant continues to attempt to put names and faces to his teammates and the Orioles’ support staff, and his locker walls have become plastered with mugshots, names and little reminders to aid him in the process.

Uehara even went as far as to request the names of the local beat writers Tuesday, scrawling them onto one of the lone unadorned spots on his locker wall. Quiz time tomorrow!

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